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English-Nepali Proverbs Idioms Translation


English-Nepali Proverbs Idioms Traslation


Naachna Jaandaina Aagan Tedo
A Bad Carpenter Quarrels with his tools.

Alpa Bidhya Khatarnak
Little Knowledge is dangerous

Namachinne Ping ko Saya Jhatkaa
An empty vessels makes more noise.

Jasto ropyo testai falcha
As you sow, so your reap
Vukne kukur le tokdaina
Barking dogs seldom bite.

Indra ko agaadi swarga ko bayan
Carrying coal to new castle

Ghaati heri haad nilnu
Cut your coat according to your size.

Falam le falam katchha
Diamond cuts diamond

Nahunu mama bhanda kano mama jaatti
Half of loaf is better than none

hatpat ko kaam latpat
haste makes waste

Pasupati ko jatra sidra ko byapar
Killing two birds with one stone

Mauka maa hira fornu parchha
Strike the iron when it is hot

Jaha ichhya tya upaya
When there is a will, there is a way

Jasta lai testai
Tit for tat

Akabari sun lai kasi launu pardaina
Pure gold does not fear the flame.
Ek haat le taali bajdaina
One flower does not make garland

Afu valo jagat valo
Good mind, good find

kano goru lai aunsi na purne
Days and night are alike for blind
Vaisi nuhaudaimaa gaai hudaina
Cows are never whitened by washing

Hagi Sakyo Dailo Dekhyo
After death doctor arrived

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